Global Trade Management



Global Visibility Across Your Extended Supply Chain

Today’s supply chains are more complex than ever before, and with the Real Time Value Network’s Global Trade Management service, you’ll be able to see and react to demand much more quickly and effectively.

Global Trade Management Service offers full global visibility across all trading partners, no matter where they are located. It includes container prioritization, freight forwarding, and integrated customs documentation capture and retention.

  One Network has successfully allowed Safeway to streamline and centralized our transportation and appointment scheduling functions. We have benefited by reducing labor costs, improving our supply chain predictability and visibility, and reducing overall transportation costs.  

 – VP of Transportation, Safeway

Global Trade Management at a Glance

  • Container prioritization
  • Planning married to optimized execution orders—the system automatically executes the required transactions (orders, shipments, etc)
  • Global visibility of all trading partners, shipments, etc.
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Integrated customs documentation capture and retention

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