Network Store

What is the Network Store?

The Network Store enables you to choose to join an industry-specific network that meets your needs. Industry networks are built by industry experts and geared towards the unique needs of an industry. They feature an industry-specific data model, an industry core to support the data and processes of the industry, and an ecosystem of industry partners and experts. Industry network enable you to get up and running fast, while leveraging the expertise of the industry.

How They Work

You connect to a network once and you’re connected to the entire trading ecosystem. There’s no point-point-to-point integrations with you partners.

You can:

  • Join an existing network (see below)
  • Create your own network

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Industry Networks

One Network provides industry-specific solutions and networks for:

  • Global Logistics Network
  • Retail Network
  • Automotive Network
  • Pharmaceutical Network
  • Aerospace and Defense Network
  • High Tech Network
  • Retail and Consumer Products Network
  • Humanitarian Aid Network
  • Restaurant and Food Service Network
  • Parcel Network
  • Aftermarket Parts Network
  • Direct Import Network (Argos)
  • Australian Logistics Network (Coles)
  • Australian?

Global Logistics Network

Food Services Network

Automotive Network

Humanitarian Network

High Tech Network

3PL Network

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