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Meet NEO

NEO is your all-knowing supply chain assistant, continuously monitoring, analyzing and resolving problems so you can focus on the important issues.

NEO is like Alexa, Siri, or Cortana… only better. He not only knows, he acts. He gathers information from across your business network and analyzes it to optimize your business. He works in the background to constantly find and fix issues. NEO tirelessly monitors execution processes and outcomes, to determine what works. NEO knows, learns and acts, to keep your supply chain running smoothly.

The fastest way to digital transformation

Experience the network effect with easy-to-use networks, modules, and apps


Join once, connect everywhere. Join over 60,000 companies already transacting in real time


Optimize your business with easy, multi-party apps


Create a network, choose your modules, then invite your partners



Maximum Returns with a Dual Platform Strategy

Harness the power of AI and blockchain while fully leveraging your existing systems. Digital transformation shouldn’t mean high-risk “rip and replace” implementations. ONE Platform works with what you have, to deliver what you need… a platform for future innovation and sustained growth. ONE’s unique “Tunable System of Control” coordinates business processes across multiple parties and systems, leveraging new technology while empowering legacy systems, to deliver optimal results fast.

Transformative Results

Leading companies are already doing business and reaping the rewards of the Real Time Value Network.

“ONE is the catalyst that allows the U.S. Air Force to see the art of the possible. Fast demonstrations and proof of concepts quickly demonstrate what will work and move projects into production. Working with ONE, we have a new secret weapon.”

– US Air Force

One Network Platform Enables Humanitarian Aid Effort in Nigeria

An estimated 10% of drugs entering the market are counterfeit. One Network’s Control Tower solution will serve as a central hub with the ability to capture data from Nigeria’s 17 warehouses and distribution centers and 19,000 health facilities in the international donor-supported supply chain. Chemonics will be able to track health commodities in real-time across all parties from suppliers, transporters, distribution networks, and into the final health facility to the end patient.

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